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Distracted Pedestrians and Contributory Negligence in Florida

The risk of a pedestrian accident has never been higher, especially in Florida. But what causes it? Distraction is one of the primary factors to blame for most accidents, but it’s not just driver distraction, as a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Administration notes. With technology at its peak, pedestrians have developed the...

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Common Motorcycle Crash Causes in Bradenton

Florida motorcycle riders are at an increasing risk of being hurt in a collision. Given the severity of so many motorcycle crashes, it’s important to understand why these accidents happen and what can be done to prevent such tragedies. Sun Sentinel covered a recent motorcycle accident report by the Florida Department of Transportation. The report...

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Drivers Must Pay Attention to Prevent Bradenton Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers have a responsibility to be watchful for other vehicles and to be watchful for pedestrians. Unfortunately, many drivers are failing to live up to this basic obligation. Drivers who don't pay attention could strike other cars and could cause an accident to occur. Distracted drivers are also at significant risk of hitting pedestrians. Since...

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Sarasota Students At Risk In Pedestrian Accidents

As August turns into September, many students in the Gulf Coast area are either already back at school or preparing to return soon. It's an exciting time - and unfortunately, sometimes a dangerous one. Students, from young children to college students, are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads, and a child who is...

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