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Car accidents are common in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Port Charlotte and other communities throughout Southwestern Florida. But nothing feels common about a car accident if you’ve been involved in one while driving along I-75 on your way to work or U.S. 41 on your way to Nokomis Beach. This is especially true if you’ve been injured or lost a loved one due to somebody else’s careless behavior. At Farrow & Pulice, our knowledgeable legal team is dedicated to providing relentless legal representation to people affected by car accidents caused by other drivers.

Many different types of car accidents occur every day in Southwestern Florida. No two accidents are the same. No two accident victims are the same, either. But a number of similarities often exist between accidents, including the type of car crash, car accident causes and car accident injuries. Among the most common types of car accident cases we handle at Farrow & Pulice include:

Handling Complicated Car Accident Cases Throughout Southwestern Florida

Even if your accident appears to be minor, don’t be so sure your claim will be easy. A seemingly “minor” accident can result in physical, emotional and financial difficulty lasting years after your crash. While chances are you just want to focus on your recovery, you may feel overwhelmed by the paperwork, including insurance forms, police reports, medical documents and more. You may find that the driver who caused your crash denies any wrongdoing. His or her insurance company might try to say you were partially or fully at fault for the crash.

Farrow & Pulice brings over 60 years of combined experience to the table protecting the rights of car accident victims across Florida. We know how to find the right evidence. We maintain professional relationships with doctors specializing in car accident injuries. We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at 866-408-1220 for a free consultation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help life get back on track.

Intersection Accidents

Intersections often create dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. But the last thing many drivers expect is to be involved in an accident while taking a left-hand turn or lawfully crossing at a stop sign or traffic signal. Intersection accidents are frighteningly common in both urban and rural areas Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte and across Florida. In a moment’s notice, you may be injured or a loved one may be killed due to another driver who ignored your right of way and caused an accident.

What causes intersection accidents?

  • Drivers who run stop signs or red lights.
  • Making left-hand turns without checking to make sure the intersection is clear.
  • Not paying attention to stop signs or traffic lights.

Intersection accidents often result in serious head-on, side-impact or rear-end collisions and can often be attributed to driver inattention. A distracted driver may have been texting and driving instead of watching the road. He or she may have been speeding through a red traffic signal or even driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If another driver was partially or fully at fault for your accident, it’s critical to contact an experienced attorney immediately.

Some intersections in Southwestern Florida are more dangerous than others. These intersections include:

  • Fruitville Road and Beneva Road in Sarasota
  • R. 64 East and 48th Court East in Bradenton
  • US-41 and Cortez Road in Bradenton
  • Bee Ridge Road and South Tamiami Trail in Sarasota

Establishing liability after an intersection crash can be a complex legal process. It is often difficult to determine fault when both vehicles appear to enter the intersection at the same time. Other drivers – and their insurance companies – may try to say you were at fault. If you did nothing wrong, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial burden. Furthermore, under Florida law, you may be entitled to compensation even when found to be partially at fault.

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T-Bone Accidents

A T-bone accident typically occurs at an intersection, where one vehicle slams into the side of another. Side-impact collisions most often occur at intersections when one driver fails to stop at a traffic light or stop sign or otherwise fails to yield to the driver who has the right of way. But even when you’ve done nothing wrong to cause the accident or you’re not fully at fault, you may find yourself facing a complicated physical, emotional and financial recovery process.

At Farrow & Pulice, our experienced attorneys diligently investigate your broadside collision to determine fault and collect evidence. We rely on the most advanced technology to reconstruct the crash and produce visual aids for jurors should your case proceed to trial. We consider whether these negligent actions contributed to the collision:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Switching lanes
  • Making an illegal turn

Depending on the roadway, the state or local government has a duty to maintain safe driving conditions. Some potential hazards we look for when we analyze a broadside collision are:

  • Visibility of stop signs
  • Whether traffic lights are in good working order
  • Brightness of street lights in the area
  • Whether the street was built so that cars travel directly into the sun
  • Overgrown trees or other barriers that block view of cars crossing the intersection

At Farrow & Pulice, our lawyers have experience handling complicated T-bone accident claims. We can examine police records, interview witnesses, employ top medical experts and send accident reconstructionist teams to the scene of your accident. We’ll negotiate with the insurance company to obtain compensation for the true long-term cost of your injuries and hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

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Rollover Accidents

Many families choose sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) for both convenience and safety reasons. That’s what can make rollover accidents in Florida particularly disturbing. Rollover accidents happen quickly and often cause serious, potentially fatal injuries, sometimes to families and their young children. In the blink of an eye, your vehicle can begin spinning and rolling over, sometimes multiple times. To make matters more complicated, these accidents often happen without warning and through no fault of the driver.

Rollover accidents can be particularly catastrophic for several different reasons:

  • Passengers may be thrown from the vehicle
  • A vehicle’s roof may collapse, causing serious head, neck and spinal cord trauma
  • The vehicle may enter oncoming traffic
  • Passengers can become trapped in the vehicle

Rollover accidents are some of the most complicated accidents handled by Farrow & Pulice. That’s because rarely are rollover accidents the fault of the driver. Sport-utility vehicles (SUVs), minivans and light trucks are more top-heavy than vehicles on the road, which makes them prone to rollovers. A car manufacturer or parts manufacturer may be responsible for a defect that leads to a rollover crash, such as a defective tire blowout or steering malfunction.

At Farrow & Pulice, we leave nothing unexamined in our pursuit of the compensation our clients deserve. We have access to accident reconstructionists and other experts who can closely examine the details of your rollover crash and provide testimony on behalf of the client. We can pore over medical records and police logs. We work tirelessly to hold negligent car manufacturers and others accountable.

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Head-on Collisions

Some of the most serious car accidents in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and throughout Florida are head-on collisions. That’s because when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions crash into each other, the weight, speed and momentum of each vehicle can cause catastrophic damage. Drivers and front-seat passengers are often subjected to traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and internal organ trauma. In some instances, these collisions can cause a wrongful death.

Cars are equipped with seatbelts, airbags and other safety equipment to prevent injury in the event of an accident. But safety equipment is no guarantee against severe injury, especially in high speed accidents or accidents involving drunk drivers who may be driving erratically. Other times, head-on crashes can be caused by distracted drivers who were texting while driving or a fatigued truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel, veering into oncoming traffic.

At Farrow & Pulice, we understand how difficult life can become after a head-on crash. You may be severely injured or lost a loved one. Ambulance and emergency room bills add up fast. Your injuries may require years of physical therapy. You may be unable to return to work. You may need to make modifications to your home and hire people to take care of everyday tasks you once handled yourself. When another driver caused your accident, you shouldn’t be left wondering how to cover long-term accident expenses on your own.

That’s why we’re here. Our experienced lawyers understand how to hold reckless drivers accountable for their negligent behavior. We have access to top medical experts and accident reconstructionists. We know how to play hardball with insurance companies who may try to offer a “low ball” settlement that doesn’t cover the long-term cost of your injuries. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of a negligent driver or the insurance company.

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Hit and Run Accidents

All drivers in Florida are legally required to stop and exchange insurance information with other drivers after a car accident. When drivers fail to do so, not only are they breaking the law – they often leave accident victims wondering how they’ll pay for their injuries and other losses resulting from the crash. At Farrow & Pulice, our experienced attorneys understand that this is often just the beginning of a complex process for accident victims.

Drivers may choose to flee the scene of an accident for a number of different reasons. The driver who hit you may lack insurance coverage. He or she might have been drunk or distracted at the time of the crash. In some cases, a guilty driver might even try to convince you not to call the police and drive away if you do not appear injured or even speed away before police or medical personnel arrive at the scene of the accident.

If you’re involved in a Florida hit and run accident, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Try to identify the make and model of the vehicle, plate number and driver.
  • Contact the police as soon as possible and provide the above details.
  • Do not attempt to stop the driver.
  • Obtain witness contact information.
  • Take photos of your car and accident scene.
  • Call an attorney immediately.

Many drivers in Florida are eligible to receive compensation from their own insurance company after an accident. But sometimes even your own insurance company might offer a “low ball” settlement that doesn’t cover the long-term cost of your injuries. When your own insurance carrier becomes an adversary, you need a strong legal advocate in your corner. At Farrow & Pulice, our experienced attorneys can look at your insurance coverage and the circumstances of your accident and find the best course of action.

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Fatal Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic event. But while many car accidents may only result in fender-benders that cause minor injuries, other collisions have much more serious consequences. If you’ve lost a loved one in a car accident in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice or anywhere else in Southwestern Florida, you may find your life turned upside-down.

Farrow & Pulice understands the devastating emotional and financial impact that a fatal car accident can have on your entire family. We understand how difficult it is knowing what to do after a fatal accident. In accidents involving loss of life, we help clients pursue a wrongful death claim. In such cases, family members may need to recover damages for medical and funeral expenses connected to the death. Surviving family members may be entitled to recover the loss of the victim’s expected earnings and loss of benefits such as pension plans or medical coverage.

In wrongful death car accident claims, you may face an endless amount of paperwork, vehicle damage and injuries of your own. Even worse, you may also find that the person who caused your loved one’s fatal crash and his or her insurance company deny responsibility for the accident.

How dangerous were Florida roads and highways in 2012? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that over 33,500 people were killed in traffic accidents across the United States in 2012. This includes 2,424 people in Florida alone, or an average of nearly seven car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accident fatalities every day throughout the course of the year.

What causes fatal car accidents in Florida?

  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving/texting while driving
  • Reckless driving

In some cases, we will ask for punitive damages, which are awarded punish the negligent individual or company and act as a deterrent for others.

To learn more about how our experienced attorneys can help after losing a loved one in a car accident, call Farrow & Pulice, P.A. at 866-408-1220 or contact our firm online to schedule a free case consultation. Our car accident law firm has offices in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Englewood, Lakewood Ranch and Port Charlotte that are centrally located to major hospitals for your convenience.

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