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Why Pedestrian Distraction May Be a Myth in Bradenton

The greater Bradenton area has a major pedestrian accident problem, one some have opined is partially due to pedestrians' preoccupation with cellphones. It's an argument raised frequently in Florida pedestrian accident lawsuits by blame-shifting defense attorneys eager to downplay their own clients’ negligence.  Now, a new study published in Transportation Research Record has revealed that this may be a myth. In...

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Roundabouts Aim to Reduce Florida Traffic Accidents

The Florida Department of Transportation has announced plans for new roundabouts on State Route 64. ABC7 reports FDOT has determined the roundabout designs to be safer than traditional intersections. The agency is going ahead with plans for roundabouts at three intersections on Route 64 after opening several in Sarasota. The new roundabouts will be installed along...

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Hit-and-run accidents a serious problem in Florida

Florida has recently ranked poorly in surveys about aggressive driving and distracted driving – two primary causes of traffic accidents in the Sunshine State. But what about the events that happen after an accident? In a perfect world, all parties involved in an accident would stay put, exchange insurance information, and allow responding officers to...

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Bradenton Pedestrian Injuries on the Rise

Injury lawyers in Bradenton and throughout Florida continue to see far too many serious and fatal pedestrian accidents. A recent column featured by DriveitHOME™, an initiative of the National Safety Council, highlighted crosswalk dangers for pedestrians. In conducting his own night-research, the columnist was shocked at how many drivers were immersed in the electronic glow...

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Fall Risks of Older Adults in Focus in Bradenton

Walgreens is among the companies working to reduce the risk of fall accidents among seniors. Eligible seniors who ask about fall prevention can receive bonus points and purchase discounts.  Fall accidents remain the leading cause of death for seniors over the age of 65, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bradenton injury lawyers...

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Florida Drivers May Be More Prone to Distracted Driving When the Boss Calls

Distracted driving has rapidly risen to a major public health risk in recent years. As the number of options for smartphones, navigation systems, in-vehicle entertainment and information systems has ballooned. Even drivers who wouldn't normally answer the phone may succumb to the temptation when it is the boss calling, texting or emailing. Regardless of the...

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Just How Qualified Are Florida Truck Drivers?

Commercial truck driving is a dangerous occupation. That's why federal law requires these vehicles to be operated only by those who hold a commercial driver's license. There are also additional regulations that apply to restrict the number of hours an operator can drive before he or she must take a rest break. These and other...

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Road Debris Causes Bradenton Auto Accidents

While there is much publicity surrounding certain causes of crashes, such as speeding and alcohol, other catalysts receive far less attention despite being equally dangerous. One example of this trend is road debris. This is a contributing factor to many collisions, and new research indicates that the problem may be more widespread than many drivers...

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