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Pedestrian Deaths Hit 30-year High in Florida and Other States

Big cities like Miami, Florida, are among places in the U.S. reporting increases in pedestrian deaths --now at a near-30-year high. A recent report blames the increase in pedestrian deaths on drivers distracted by cell phones and an increase in high-impact SUVs on the road. From 2008-2017, pedestrian accident deaths increased 35 percent, to 5,977...

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Bradenton Ranks 4th Deadliest City in the Nation for Pedestrians

If you feel like you are risking your life when you walk the streets of Bradenton, you’re right. In fact, the Bradenton-Sarasota-North Port metro area is the fourth-most-dangerous in the country for pedestrians, according to a new report from Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition that was detailed in the Bradenton Herald....

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Sarasota FL Attorneys Discuss the Dangers of Rollover Accidents

Many drivers in greater Sarasota are following a national trend: abandoning smaller sedans for larger sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Many drivers prefer the appeal, increased horsepower, and safety features afforded by SUVs.   There is a catch, though – SUVs are more likely to roll over than smaller sedans. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS,...

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The Severity of Head-On Collisions: A Sarasota Attorney Explains

Head-on collisions often happen without warning. In a split second, another car can crash into your vehicle, causing severe injuries. Why do these accidents happen? And what can you do afterward? Our Sarasota head-on collision lawyers explain. What causes head-on collisions? Head-on collisions are more likely to occur on undivided roadways, especially rural roads with...

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Why Pedestrian Distraction May Be a Myth in Bradenton

The greater Bradenton area has a major pedestrian accident problem, one some have opined is partially due to pedestrians' preoccupation with cellphones. It's an argument raised frequently in Florida pedestrian accident lawsuits by blame-shifting defense attorneys eager to downplay their own clients’ negligence.  Now, a new study published in Transportation Research Record has revealed that this may be a myth. In...

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Florida Boating Accidents Lead the Nation in Deaths, Injuries

Last year, 67 people lost their lives and another 437 were injured in Florida boating accidents, totaling more than 765. That's more than anywhere else in the country (and more than were reported in Florida last year). Our unenviable top spot is partially because boating is such a popular recreational activity in the Sunshine State....

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Roundabouts Aim to Reduce Florida Traffic Accidents

The Florida Department of Transportation has announced plans for new roundabouts on State Route 64. ABC7 reports FDOT has determined the roundabout designs to be safer than traditional intersections. The agency is going ahead with plans for roundabouts at three intersections on Route 64 after opening several in Sarasota. The new roundabouts will be installed along...

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Hit-and-run accidents a serious problem in Florida

Florida has recently ranked poorly in surveys about aggressive driving and distracted driving – two primary causes of traffic accidents in the Sunshine State. But what about the events that happen after an accident? In a perfect world, all parties involved in an accident would stay put, exchange insurance information, and allow responding officers to...

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