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How many times can I expect to be involved in a collision in my lifetime?

If you’re an adult driver in Florida who has never been involved in a collision, consider yourself lucky. The average American driver is involved in a collision once every 17.9 years, according to the car insurance industry. Considering how dangerous Florida’s roads can be, the likelihood is probably much higher in the Sunshine State. How...

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Greater Sarasota area ranked fourth most dangerous for walkers

The greater Sarasota area is the fourth most dangerous for walkers in the United States, according to a recent study. The metropolitan North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton section suffered 194 pedestrian deaths from 2008-2017, according to the nonprofit Smart Growth America. The study found Florida the most dangerous state for pedestrians with 5,433 fatalities in the 10-year period....

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Feds: Software the cause of the fatal self-driving Uber pedestrian crash

  Nearly two years ago, a pedestrian lost her life in Arizona after being struck by a self-driving Uber. Early reports found that the operator of the car was distracted. Through further investigation, however, the car was found not to be fully optimized with technology that could have prevented the crash, according to CNN. Investigation...

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What are the Best Ideas to Prevent Car Fires?

Drivers rarely ever anticipate them, but according to Consumer Reports, car fires are more prevalent than many people think. About 3 million Hyundai and Kia models were scrutinized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their potential risk of catching fire. During an investigation, more than 3,000 incidents were confirmed by the automakers, who...

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For older drivers willing to stretch and exercise, accidents can be avoided

For older drivers, simple steps like exercise and stretching can mean the difference between “being old” and being old without the right to drive. New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that increased fatigue and poor physical functioning are leading factors that can result in older adults having to limit driving. AAA...

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