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Sarasota car accidents often occur at intersections

1 Experienced lawyers explain why these accidents happen in Florida While car accidents can happen anywhere in Sarasota, Florida, one of the most common places where they occur is at intersections. The same is true throughout Florida. Intersection accidents often happen statewide and result in serious injuries or fatalities, especially in cases involving

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Women at risk? Report reveals crash test standards favor men

1 Investigation finds federal crash tests are not geared toward women Studies find women are more likely to be injured or killed in car accidents than men. But despite this grim fact, testing for safety features in crashes favors men. According to a recent report, tests on vehicles examine how crashes affect the

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Sarasota police give safety tips in wake of fatal crashes

1 Of all the millions of miles of pavement stretching across America, 6 out of the nation’s top 10 most dangerous roadways are located in Florida. They are U.S. highways 1, 41, 27, 44, 17, and 98. At Farrow & Pulice, P.A, we know Southwest Florida has seen its fair share

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Deaths increase from wrong-way crashes

Seeing a wrong-way driver heading down the highway on a collision course with your vehicle can be a terrifying experience. If you don’t react fast enough, you could end up having a devastating head-on crash that results in fatal injuries. Tragically, wrong-way driving crashes are on the rise. According to the AAA Foundation

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How small increases in speed raise the risk of a serious or fatal crash

It’s a common occurrence to see drivers zipping down Florida highways at dangerous speeds. Far too many drivers fail to recognize the potential consequences of driving too fast. Each year in Florida, speeding results in hundreds of traffic fatalities. Like many other states, the highway speed limit in Florida is 70

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How severe injuries can change the lives of car accident victims

If you were involved in a car wreck, it’s likely that you sustained an injury, no matter how minor your crash seemed. The attorneys at Farrow & Pulice often see crash victims sustain whiplash, concussions, bone fractures and soft tissue injuries in crashes. These injuries often disrupt peoples’ ability to work and engage

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