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Make your case matter. Contact Farrow & Pulice, P.A.

Your motorcycle accident matters. Don’t listen to what insurance companies or maybe even what the other driver says. You know you did nothing wrong. And you deserve to be taken seriously and treated with respect.

But making sure your accident gets the attention it deserves can be a challenge. Often, there’s a bias against motorcyclists. Some people point the finger at them and claim they’re all reckless, that they’re all unsafe at any speed.

We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists in Bradenton or anywhere else for that matter follow the rules of the road – and that includes you. That’s why we want to help. That’s why it’s critical that you contact Farrow & Pulice, P.A. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can review the details of your case, then help you decide what to do next. We’re on your side and here for you every step of the way.

How did your motorcycle accident happen?

What were the circumstances surrounding your crash? Odds are you’re dealing with a motorcycle accident involving one of the situations listed below:

  • A texting driver crashed into your motorcycle.
  • A distracted driver hit your bike.
  • A driver changed lanes without looking and struck your motorcycle.
  • A speeding driver collided into your bike.
  • A driver turned without looking at an intersection and hit your motorcycle.
  • A drunk driver caused your collision.
  • A driver was asleep at the wheel at the time of your accident.

Something else happen that resulted in your accident? Whatever the circumstances of your crash, no matter how straightforward or complicated it might seem, contact us and schedule an appointment at our law firm.

How our law firm can help you

Dealing with a motorcycle accident can be very frustrating, especially if the other driver and their insurance company keep insisting that you’re the one that caused the collision, even though you know it was the other driver’s fault.

They can say whatever they want. But motorcycle accident cases come down to the facts. And we’re prepared to do the work that needs to be done to uncover the truth. We know how to analyze accident reports. We have a network of accident reconstruction experts we deal with. And we know how to put all that information together into a compelling case.

Often, insurance companies agree to negotiate with us after we present them with our findings. But if they refuse to cooperate, we are prepared to take them to court. For us, it’s about more than just money. It’s about holding people accountable for their actions. It’s about justice. Schedule your free case evaluation today and put the power of an experienced Bradenton motorcycle accident lawyer to work for you.


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