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Farrow & Pulice, P.A. brings knowledge and experience to every case

How did your car accident happen in Englewood? Did a distracted driver on Indiana Avenue cause your rear-end accident? Or maybe you’re dealing with a crash on Dearborn Street or Old Englewood Road caused by a reckless driver?

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your car accident, we’re here to help you hold the driver responsible for your crash. It’s what we do at Farrow & Pulice, P.A. For decades, our car accident lawyers have been helping accident victims get the money they deserve.

Experience matters when it comes to dealing with complicated car accidents. You need someone who knows the law, understands the legal system in your community and knows how to find the facts that matter. We know Englewood and Sarasota County. We know how to investigate accidents. And we know how to win.

What happened to you?

Motor vehicle accidents caused by another driver happen for many different reasons. In Englewood, some of the most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Texting drivers (even though texting while driving is against the law in Florida)
  • Distracted drivers (eating while driving, operating a GPS, etc.)
  • Speeding drivers (especially at intersections or on congested roads)
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Illegally passing another car (especially in head-on collisions on two-way streets)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving too fast for hazardous weather conditions

Is this how your accident happened? Or are you dealing with another type of crash? Either way, it’s critical that you talk to an attorney at our law firm as soon as possible. We can help you with the details that matter with your specific crash.

How we can help

Every car accident is unique. That’s why we promise to take the time to find out exactly what happened to you. During your initial free case evaluation, we won’t tell you what to do. We’ll listen to you and learn exactly what happened. That way, we can offer helpful advice on which approach makes the most sense for your specific circumstances.

We can then work with you to secure the financial compensation you deserve for your crash. This is often the hardest step. That’s because the other driver’s insurance company will likely do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim. The reason? Because there’s often thousands or even millions of dollars at stake depending on the circumstances of your crash.

Put your trust in an Englewood car accident attorney that puts your needs first. Contact us and talk to an attorney who knows how to make things rights.


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