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Dealing with an accident caused by someone else in Port Charlotte? Confused about what you should do next? Don’t take chances with your Port Charlotte accident. Take action. Talk to an experienced accident attorney who can help you demand justice. Call Farrow & Pulice, P.A.

We know Port Charlotte and understand how the legal system works in Charlotte County. We know what strategies work best here. And we know how to find the facts that matter in order to build a compelling, legal case.

That’s why we’re eager to meet with you. During your free case consultation, you can ask us any questions you have about your claim. We can then explain which approach makes the most sense based on your unique circumstances. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We can design a legal strategy that suits your specific needs.

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Port Charlotte is a rapidly growing Florida community with a reputation as one of America’s top locations to retire. The Gulf Coast community has no shortage of shopping, dining and entertainment options within the town center. But accidents happen. And if you’re injured in an accident in the Punta Gorda region, you will need an experienced attorney at your side.

We handle a wide range of injuries and accidents in this Southwestern Florida community, Click below if you need a:

From slip and fall accidents at the local grocery store to Alligator Bay and Peace River boating accidents, the experienced legal team at Farrow & Pulice, P.A. is well aware of how difficult life can become after an accident. You or a loved one may be injured. Yet the person who caused your accident may deny any wrongdoing. Insurance companies may even try to delay or deny your claim to keep the compensation you deserve out of your pocket.

We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we fight tirelessly on behalf of personal injury victims every day. We know how to uncover the right evidence. We routinely pore over medical and police records. We consult with the right medical experts to document the long-term cost of your injuries. Discover how we can help. Contact our office today. You can reach us online or call 1-866-408-1220.

Port Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

With Route 41 running across Port Charlotte, and busy roads such as Peachland Boulevard and Kings Highway linking the community with Interstate 75, drivers run the risk of getting into a serious accident every day. If you are in a car wreck on the Tamiami Trail or elsewhere, take action now to know your rights.

No matter how your accident occurred – you may have been rear-ended by a distracted driver on Olean Boulevard or hit head-on at a Quesada Avenue intersection – demand justice. Our firm has decades of experience protecting the rights of car accident victims injured through no fault of their own. Discover the difference an experienced Port Charlotte car accident attorney can make. Contact us today for a free case consultation.

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Port Charlotte Truck Accident Attorney

Trucks use Route 41, Interstate 75 and other roads and highways throughout the Port Charlotte area every day. But while you may not think twice about sharing the road with an 18-wheeler, delivery van or other type of commercial vehicle, accidents involving trucks can happen quickly and leave accident victims facing months – or years – of physical, emotional and financial hardship as a result.

If you did nothing to cause your accident, take a stand against the negligent truck driver or trucking company responsible for your injuries. It’s important to know the trucking company and its insurance carrier typically will be on the scene of the wreck within hours. They will investigate the crash to protect their interests. That’s why you need someone as soon as possible looking out for your interests.

Our experienced Port Charlotte truck accident attorneys at Farrow & Pulice, P.A. have decades of experience protecting the rights of people who were injured or whose loved ones were killed in truck accidents. We know how to uncover the right evidence. We pore over medical and police records. We play “hardball” with truck companies and insurance companies to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Port Charlotte Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles are an overwhelmingly popular means of transportation in Port Charlotte, thanks to its proximity to the Gulf Coast and the famous Florida sunshine. But while most motorcyclists are well-aware how to safely share the road with others, even the most experienced rider can be involved in a serious, potentially life-threatening accident due to another driver’s negligent behavior.

Chances are you did nothing to cause your accident. You shouldn’t have to pay for another driver’s inattention or reckless behavior. Farrow & Pulice, P.A. can help. Our Port Charlotte motorcycle accident attorneys have decades of experience proving fault in the most complicated of motorcycle crashes. We can help determine the true long-term cost of your injuries and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve after your accident.

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