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What should I do if I slipped and fell in a grocery store?

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Sarasota

For this reason, store patrons are not always able to avoid these hazards or position themselves in a way to prevent a significant injury.

What are common slip, trip, and fall hazards in grocery stores?

Falls can happen anywhere in a grocery store: the checkout area, aisles, restrooms, entrances and exits, as well as in parking lots. The most common slip, trip, and fall hazards in grocery stores include:

  • Breaks, spills, and wet floors: Spilled liquids or broken glass containers can create dangerously slippery spots. Water tracked in from outside can result in wet and slippery floors. Grocery store employees must clean up spills promptly and ensure that proper signage is in place to warn shoppers.
  • Tripping hazards: Walkways that are blocked by debris or fallen inventory can create tripping hazards. Other common tripping hazards may include low-lying displays, uneven surfaces, and parking lot potholes.

What course of action should I take immediately after a fall in a grocery store?

If you slipped and fell in a grocery store, it’s important that you don’t just walk it off. Slip and fall accidents often result in serious injuries, such as bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, bruises, and spinal injuries.

Not all injuries produce immediate symptoms. For example, whiplash, some back injuries, and mild traumatic brain injuries could produce symptoms days after the incident.

Here are the actions you should take immediately after your fall:

  • Report the incident: The first thing you should do after a fall is report the incident and the hazard to a store employee or manager. By reporting the incident to store personnel, the incident will be documented and dated.
  • Document the details: You should also take note of the time, date, location, and conditions that led to the fall. Be sure to take pictures with your cellphone.
  • Get prompt medical attention: Even if you feel OK after your fall, you should still get a medical evaluation. A medical evaluation provides timely documentation of your injury and allows your doctor to start treatment before it worsens.

Should I consult with an attorney?

After you’ve followed the steps above, consulting with an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer is the most critical course of action. The legal team at Farrow & Pulice, P.A. can piece together the evidence you provide us and conduct further investigation.

You may be eligible for compensation under these circumstances:

  • The slip, trip, and fall hazard must have been present long enough for store employees or management to address it.
  • Store employees or management must have failed to address the hazard promptly, even after the hazard has been reported.
  • The hazard was caused by some other form of negligence or reckless means.

If you were hurt in a fall while shopping in a grocery store, contact us online or call 866-408-1220 to schedule your free, confidential case evaluation with our legal team. We serve clients in Sarasota, Laurel, Englewood, Nokomis, Venice, Sarasota, Osprey and Sarasota County.

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