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Farrow & Pulice, P.A. takes your case seriously

Were you or a loved one injured in a truck accident in Sarasota, Florida? Is the trucking company not returning your phone calls? Or perhaps they or someone else is pressuring you accept a lowball settlement offer?

Don’t feel like you have to do what they tell you. Take a stand. Talk to an experienced Sarasota truck accident lawyer who will take your case seriously right from the start. Contact Farrow & Pulice, P.A.  and discover what we can do for you.

Our knowledgeable legal team knows how to tackle such tough cases. We know how to deal with trucking companies and all the other people often involved in such complex cases – from insurance companies, other companies involved in the accident, attorneys and everyone else involved. Leave all the legal work to us so you can focus on what really matters – your recovery.

How did your truck accident happen?

Commercial truck accidents happen for many different reasons. But in many cases, collisions involving large trucks occur because the truck driver did something reckless or negligent. We know how to search for evidence that proves the truck driver or trucking company was at fault.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents in Sarasota often involve the truck driver:

  • Texting while driving (which is against federal law)
  • Speeding
  • Talking on a cell phone while driving
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Whatever the circumstances of your truck accident, make sure you contact us right away. We can help you explore all your legal options and decide which one makes the most sense for you.

What we can do for you

Commercial truck accidents can be very complicated, high stakes claims. That’s because there’s often hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars at stake. This is because the injuries sustained in accidents caused by large trucks are often very severe. Fatal truck accidents are also common and could result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Without an experienced truck accident attorney on your side, your case might not receive the attention it rightfully deserves. Instead, the trucking company’s legal team will likely try to bury your claim, reduce or deny it altogether.

We know the games trucking companies and insurance providers play. We know how to negotiate with them and demand to see copies of critical pieces of evidence, including Hours of Service logs. And if they refuse to cooperate, we’re prepared to take them to court.

Fear no one after your truck accident. Put the power of an experienced Sarasota truck accident lawyer to work for you. Schedule your free case evaluation at our law firm today.


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